Zeus™ Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is a state of the art solution for airports that delivers high quality and flexible information to your airport users. It also keeps your passengers informed and provides advertising opportunities.

Global Tiger Solutions

Zeus™ has ready-made integration modules to connect with 3rd party systems such as Public Announcement.

Zeus™ can work completely without an internet connection, but once it is connected to the internet, a whole lot of other features can be activated like weather forecasts, news, streams, Zeus™ mobile integration, offsite displays, etc.

Another notable feature of Zeus™ is that it is also a multi-language Flight Information Display System. Zeus™ FIDS can provide destination, origin and flight status information in multi-language strategy to make journeys better for international visitors



Redundant, high-availability setup of the FIDS server ensures that your operations are guaranteed to run 24/7/365 days a year.
Secured log-in and activity monitoring ensures that no outside person can access your system without permission.
Perpetual licensing offers full system usage to you without any additional costs and monthly subscriptions.
Advertisement-ready displays allow you to assign different kinds of advertisements on any display that you want.
Airline user accounts ensure that your airline clients can only see the flights related to their airline, they will have no visibility of other airline’s flight schedules.
Weather integration adds additional information to your display by showing real-time weather information generated through the internet.
Zeus™ is a 100% proudly Filipino-made product that is tailor-fitted to the Philippine landscape. No one better understands your airport’s needs like a fellow Filipino.


Key Features

The development process for Zeus™ is based on the concept of a user-friendly design which leads to the realization of an information society friendly to humans.
The color combination emphasizes legibility and visibility and have been tested for use by individuals and with differences in color vision.
Our Zeus™ FIDS solution is designed to be scalable, ensuring that your system can be configured to add more displays or users in the future.
Thanks to an advanced, web-based system, Zeus™ fully independent no matter what monitor or hardware you use.
Centralized management of all flights, check-in counters, boarding gates, baggage claims and users ensures that you have total control of your airport.
Layouts, banners, translations, and messages can be fully customizable and be designed to suit the current needs of your airport.
Zeus™ FIDS pulls information from the airport operational database and automatically uploads updates to flight schedules, departure gates and baggage belts in real-time.

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